Choose From Our Wide Range Of Authentic Paella’s:

Valencia (Chicken, Pork & Chorizo)

Authentic Spanish Paella

Chicken Breast / Thigh and Chorizo Paella

Pork Belly- cooked with Sweet Peppers

Red Onions with Paprika, Saffron

Garlic braised with Traditional Spanish Rice topped with Serrano Ham, Olives, Tomatoes, fresh flat leaf parsley, and wedges of lemon.  

Marisco paella (Seafood Paella)

King Prawns, Langoustines, Cod fillets, Mussels and Cockles – optional, Cooked with a Mix of Peppers, Red Onions, Paprika, Saffron, Garlic and fresh flat leaf parsley all Slowly Cooked in Traditional Spanish Paella Rice.

Paella Mixta

(Mixed Paella) Chicken, Chorizo, Pork, King Prawns & Mussels cooked with Sweet Peppers, Red Onions, Paprika, Saffron & Garlic – Slowly cooked in Traditional Spanish Paella Rice. Topped with Giant King Prawns, Serrano Ham, Fresh Lemon & Parsley.

Vegetarian (asparagus, mushrooms
& olives)


All the above will also include:

Mixed leaf salad, fresh rustic bread, disposable plates and cutlery, serviettes. 


  • New potatoes with Butter and fresh parsley £3.25
  • Seasonal roasted vegetables with butter, garlic, & red onions   £3.99
  • Potatoes Bravas – please include the description – chunks of crispy, roasted potatoes served with gourmet Gorillas freshly made, tangy paprika sauce which gives a mild kick complimented with mayonnaise
  • Twice cooked chips £3.25
  • Sauté New Potatoes with Sea Salt and fresh Rosemary 3.25



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