Roast (Hog-Beef-Lamb)

Roast (Hog-Beef-Lamb)

Hog Roast 

A whole roasted and basted to ensure juicy, moist meat and crunchy, crispy crackling, we take great care to ensure the meat is well cooked and is slow roasted for at least 8 hours, it is accompanied by rolls or wraps, stuffing and apple sauce. Ask for a hot rub if you want something a little spicier. Serviettes, disposable plates and the chef will carve and serve on your premises.

Pulled Pork

Very trendy at the moment, this whole hog takes double the cooking time and is roasted, very, very slowly, ensuring the meat falls off the bone, it is served with wraps or rolls, stuffing and apple-sauce. Serviettes, disposable plates and the chef will pull off the pork and served on your premises.


Our Lamb Roasts are ideal for smaller parties and events where there are up to 40 people. The lamb is cooked roasted for approximately seven hours with fresh garlic and rosemary for extra taste, and served in large rolls with mint sauce. It also comes with Roast potatoes or twice fried chips and green salad. £799


Slow roasted beef, served on fresh rolls with horseradish or mustard. or why not go for the Firecracker   All serviettes, disposable plates  -cutlery  and service from the chef all provided.

We also have top quality English Topside of beef available- its look fantastic and gives full of flavour with every slice. 28 days matured     


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