Something different…

WE don’t just do Hog Roasts – so if you want something different, try something from the selection below;

British Pulled Pork – shoulder of Pork, cooked very, very slowly in a delicious marinade, the meat is cooked for at least 15 hours and the marinade means that when pulled it is still moist and full of flavour, served in a fresh bread roll or wrap.

English Beef Brisket – The beef is massaged with a blend of spices together with brown sugar and then slow roasted for 12 hours, when finished it is extremely tender and is served chopped or sliced in a fresh bread roll or wrap.

Farm reared Pork Ribs – these are dry rubbed with our unique spices then basted as they slowly cook with BBQ sauce, this ensure they are succulent and full of flavour

Country Fresh chicken Quarters – We dry rub these with BBQ flavoured spices then roast and constantly baste as they cook, served as they are, or in a fresh bread roll. (white or brown)

Welsh Lamb – we take a leg of lamb and butterfly it, then slowly roast with a blend of herbs and spices and finish off on the grill, served chopped or sliced with a minty sauce in a fresh bread roll or wrap.

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