Huge Paella

We have recently done a Hog Roast and Paella for a birthday party, what a fantastic night! We catered for 100 guests and provided moist pork, cooked for over 7 hours with crunchy crackling, stuffing, apple sauce and fresh white rolls.

We also provided an authentic paella, this is cooked in front of the admiring guests in a huge paePaella-one-resizella pan – enough for 50 servings – we used chicken, langoustines and mussels as just a few of the ingredients, it was absolutely delicious and virtually all of the guests indulged in one selection to start and then came back for seconds of the other one.

To make a truly Spanish themed evening, I am introducing some Tapas to the menu for 2016,  prune & bacon or olive, paella two resizeManchego cheese and chorizo bites, vine tomato and basil bruschetta’s are some of the items that are going on the menu. So traditional choices for wedding breakfasts in Worcestershire are still available, you can go the “whole hog” by booking canapes and hog roast or you go Spanish with Tapas and Paella.



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