Roast (Hog –Beef-Lamb)

A Hog roast cooked and constantly basted to  ensure moist meat and crispy crackling or juicy lamb dropping off the bone –  All served with wraps or rolls and extras.

  Pulled Pork     

This dish takes twice as long to cook and means the meat stays succulent and literally falls off the bone, it tastes great with a spicy coleslaw and is served in fresh buns or wraps.

Pulled Beef

Pulled firecracker or rich sweet red onion


Lots of choice here, all cooked at your premises from plain burgers and hot dogs, through to spiced meats, succulent fish dishes and delicious vegetarian selections


Increasingly popular, take a peek at the various types of mouth-watering paella dishes from fish through to meat and vegetarian options.


Very popular particularly at wedding receptions, morsels of delectable appetizers that are a great accompaniment with those pre-meal drinks and add an air of ssophistication


Crunchy coleslaw, green  salads, corn on the cob or hot baked potatoes, take your pick

Vegetarian options 

A selection a fresh vegetables with the additional option of fish and seafood  


Something simple to finish of your event, strawberries and cream through to trifles, profiteroles or cheese & biscuits

Current Offers

Have a look at our current deals including “The Whole Hog” and “Party BBQ”

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